So, who am I? I could say that I’m a an Empowerment Coach, Matrix Energetics certified practitioner, mother, teacher, writer and gymnastics coach. But what makes me uniquely me?

I am a learner. I love to learn and then share through teaching, personal coaching, and writing. Yes with Joy is about what I have learned regarding the universe, life, and myself. It is a compilation of easy-to-read essays and inspirational stories that will hopefully spark some new thoughts in your mind and thus promote a shift in your life.

“But,” you are asking, “who is Judith Joy?”

I could say that my spiritual, inner journey began in college when I learned to meditate. Just imagine how my life would have been different if I had been consistent in this! But, I wasn’t. I allowed myself to do it sporadically throughout the following 30 years – on the one hand derailing my journey and on the other hand allowing me to experience and learn different things.

But, believe it or not, this journey of discovery and spirituality began with headaches. Throughout the years, I managed to listen to others instead of myself. As a result, my body developed a mechanism to get my attention – headaches. These headaches also helped to support false beliefs about myself.

Newly married at 26, my then-husband noticed that I had constant headaches. I hadn’t even noticed that they were daily. That is how much I didn’t pay attention to myself. So, I began the search for a solution. A major, medical research hospital said, “You have headaches. Take Excedrin.” A headache clinic said, “Here have some drugs.” A Catholic hospital in Indiana said, “Put your husband before yourself.” I have since divorced the husband.

While on the journey, I became totally immersed in alternative and integrative medicine, and started on the path to angels, universal energy, spirituality, energy healing, releasing, IBMS, Matrix Energetics and more. All this learning developed into empowerment coaching. It is more than writing. It is more than life coaching. It is more than energy healing. It is about untangling the energy to allow new possibilities to come in, visualizing the possibilities, and harmonizing your feelings and rules to empower and uncover the real you. It is about you being in the flow and saying an emphatic YESSS to life.

If you read something that moves you, or you have another viewpoint, please write. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to empower yourself to live your OWN life, then please contact me to set up a personal coaching session. I do sessions over the phone and in person at my office on the North Shore of Chicago.

Love and Hugs,
JJ Judith Joy